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  • A need analysis
  • The aim of the needs analysis is to collect information about the current situation, resources and teaching strategies used, and the main difficulties and successes experienced by a sample of teachers dealing with MLCI students. Testimonies will be collected from 40 teachers in every partner country, using a questionnaire and 10 in depth interviews. As well, a focus group with every national Stakeholder's Committee will be carried out to discuss main findings.

  • A working paper on the state of the art
  • The working paper will review best national and international practices for dealing with and supporting learning of students with MLCI. Specialized literature, partners' practice and previous EU funded projects will be examined, searching for methodologies and practical tools.

  • The manual Teaching strategies with students with MLCI
  • The Manual will have 2 parts. Part 1 will be more theoretical, while part 2 (Tool Box) will list methodological and practical tools to use with the students such as observation grids and the Individual Learning Plan. The Manual will be translated in every partner's language and will be available for download from the project website.

  • The training course
  • The content of the 30 hours e-learning training course will be based on the Manual. The training course will be practical, and will contain self assessment exercises for the teachers, as well as tools for the day to day monitoring of class activities and practical suggestions and exercises.
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  • The Guidelines for Teachers working with students with MLCI
  • The Guidelines will be based on the main principles and lessons learned in the pilot carried out in the project.

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